Soft Play Flexible Foam





Thane-Tec 2200 Color coat

The TT 2200 is designed as the flexible/ elastomeric color coat and provides outstanding color, gloss and puncture resistance

Thane-Tec 2205 Clear Coat

 The TT2205 is similar to the 2200but is flexible elastomeric clear system. It increases the properties of the TT 2200 or can be custom colored by your staff


Foam Adhesive CP 1350

The CP 1350 is a special polymerizing contact adhesive that is designed to glue flexible foams to a wide variety of substrates including concrete and fiber glass. This adhesive is designed to perform in wet and dry applications  


Thane- Tec 3150

The TT3150 is a highly flexible polyurethane elastomer system that is designed to be applied over flexible foam and provides a tough puncture resistant base coat in dry or wet applications. The TT coats required to be applied over this base coat system for weatherability  

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