Elastomeric Coatings: Pool Renovation



The THANE‐TEC 2500 / 2505 is an high performance polyurethane system that has outstanding Chemical resistance and weathering / UV resistance. The system has been specially designed and tested to resisted chlorinated water and other pool chemicals. The system is also self priming over gel coats and a variety of other plastic, metal and painted substrates.

The Thane‐Tec 2500 is supplied in a variety of standard colors. The Thane‐Tec 2505 is available as a clear coat that can be custom colored by an experienced end user or for added protection for the colored TT 2500 system



  • More Flexible Than Conventional Pool Coatings

  • Color Retentive-Resistant to fading due to both UV/

    Weathering and due to harsh pool chemicals

  • 5+ year performance 


 Pool Coating System  

 Epoxy CP 715 Fill Coat

 The cp 715 is designed to prime concrete, fill in deep wear areas prior to topcoating with the THANE TEC 2500 series 

Thane-Tec 2500 Color Coat

 The TT2500 is designed as the color coat and provides outstanding color gloss and abrasion resistance


Thane-Tec 2505 Clear Coat

 The TT2505 is similar to the 2500 but is a clear system. It increases the properties of the TT2500 or can be custom colored by your staff


  • Color Chart
  • Testing Details/ Features
  • Which system is right for you?


Pool System 1- Swimming Pool Surface in good shape

If the pool surface is smooth and in relatively good shape and just needs along term color retentive system then this is the recommended system. This is system is based on a high performance polyurethane base coat that is available in typical pool colors and a polyurethane clear coat. The system is provides long term color and gloss retention to pool chemicals and harsh UV.


Pool System 2 Swimming Pool surface not in good shape

If the pool surface has minor defects and is rough and needs a coating system to fill in and level out the surface this Epoxy/Polyurethane system is recommended. The Epoxy Tec fills in minor imperfections and provides a smoother base coat. It is available in pool colors. The high performance polyurethane clear coat provides long term color and a gloss retention to pool chemicals and harsh UV


Pool System 3 Swimming Pool Surface has cracking

If the pool surface has a high percent of minor cracking and needs a flexible system coating system to moderate the surface cracking then this is recommended system. This system is based on an elastomeric polyurethane base coat and clear coat that not only bridge minor cracking but also provides long term color and a gloss retentive system gloss retention to pool chemicals and harsh UV
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