Wood Composites



CREATIVE POLYMERS has a complete line of coatings that have been specialized for the wood

and texturing applications.

First, our POLYMATE 1262 topcoat that was designed for top coating our Fast Set Polyurea

Textured Speaker System basecoat was tested and approved by JBL.

Our POLY‐TEX and POLY‐MATE SERIES are using the same resin and components as our approved

POLY‐MATE 1262 system. The main difference is the Rheology or the addition of texture


  POLY‐MATE 1280—slightly higher viscosity  than the PM 1262 and specialized to paint 

  wood furniture and speakers without raising the wood fiber. 

  POLY‐MATE 1282—designed with  higher viscosity to produce a splatter textured 

  POLY‐MATE 1284—designed with medium viscosity and variable sand like textures