Radioactive Containment

radioactive containment

Company Background

Futura Coatings / Creative Polymers has been involved in nuclear waste as far back as 1984. This site has two large piles of reactive dirt that was a result of a clean up process that was indirectly a result of the nuclear production during World War II. In order to contain these piles of radioactive dirt from eroding and spreading the contaminated dirt into the water table, streams and roadways a tough flexible and nuclear radiation resistant polyurethane/polyurea liner system (GeoTek 4900) was sprayed over a geotextile fabric. The liner was in service from the min 80’s up until the pile was removed in the mid 2000’s. It performed well without any failure during this ~ 20 year period

          Fast set, Solventless Polyurethane Elastomers used in Radioactive Applications

               Polyurea/Polyurethane elasomeric solventless fast set systems are:

  •                Two component systems that cure in less than 60 seconds
  •                Contain no solvents
  •               Have outstanding flexibility and elongation properties
  •              Can be sprayed over geotextiles, concrete, steel, wood and other surface

radioactive containment

While many other systems can become brittle when exposed to nuclear radiation, polyurea and polyurethane systems will not. They retain their original properties 

The GEO- TEK (as a liner) keeps the radioactive materials from leaching into the ground 


The GEO TEK (as a cover) keeos the radioactive materials contained from spreading by wind and rain