Wine and Beverage Linings

Developing a lining for wine and liquor storage tanks is one of most challenging requirements in the beverage industry. The testing required for wine industry starts with a boiling the coating system in solution of “Heads and Tails” – which is a blend of aldehydes, organic acids and alcohols. It could be considered a recipe for a paint stripper since it destroys most conventional epoxies and other linings. Then the coating system has to go through taste testing—so that it is confirmed that it does not affect the wine or beverage that is being stored.


Creative Polymer’s Polycrel 711 / 712  system is such a system that has been tested  and passes such testing. The principles at Creative Polymers have been supplying the largest winery in the world their linings for the past 30 years (from our past coatings companies that  we have owned) and  10 years with  Creative Polymers. We have not had one failure with our unique epoxy linings.


We have also been involved in the protective coatings for the polyurethane foam insulated tanks. Without the insulation value of sprayed polyurethane foam, the controlled fermentation temperature would be difficult thus effecting the consistency and quality of the wine.